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Hepatitus and rights
Date: Saturday, 27 September 2003, 6:08 pm
In Response To: Re: Hepatittis vaccine???? (lolo)

First about your rights:
I don't know the laws in Canada, but in the States you have the right NOT to vaccinate your children, but it's usually a big hassle to get the doctors/educational system to acknowledge that. You may want to research and find out exactly what your rights are and what you need to obtain in order to get relief from vaccinations. Where I live vaccinations are not a requirement and I have had a lot of say in the matter (none of my kids are vaccinated, and have only been to the dr. 3 times in 10 years for injuries I wanted consultation on), neither do they take atibiotics (with one exception). I use mostly homemade essential oil and herbal applications when they are sick, and I am happy to say they are rarely ever sick. If they do contract a childhood disease, I have greater faith in their quick and total recovery through natural methods vs. medications and vaccinations. Enough of that rant.

Secondly, here is some information on the hepatitus vaccination which I found on the internet:

First, pathogenic (disease-causing) viruses will not grow on healthy "soil" (the medium). If the environment is correct within our body, the virulent viruses and disease-causing germs will not grow.

For example, hepatitis virus does not grow on a side-walk, nor in a healthy person. To make the vaccine, the manufacturers have to get the virus from somewhere, so they get them from persons with
hepatitis. Makes sense. [The first hepatitis vaccines (of the 70s) were grown from the blood of the gay community, since they had high levels of hepatitis.] Today, they are much more "sophisticated", they just gather up bodily excrements from persons with hepatitis and culture the virus.

Which excrements? ... Use your imagination: urine, blood, feces, pus and other excrements. In vaccine production anything goes. (How about cadaver organs and blood of persons who died of hepatitis?) Once the virus is gathered, it must be grown on a toxic medium ... remember pathogens will not grow on healthy tissue. The medium used is generally animal organs and tissues combined with the proper culture medium and "nutrients". BHK (baby hamster kidney) cells, monkey kidneys, HeLa cells (cancer cells from Henrietta Lacks), aborted fetal tissues (used in the rubella vaccine called RA 27/3) and other animal organs are used in vaccine production. [Remember it is the foreign animal genetic materials which make vaccines so dangerous.]

Once the virus has been grown, it is inactivated with formaldehyde (a potent carcinogen) or other agent. Other ubstances (adjuvants) may be added to the vaccines, like mercury (thiomersol), phenol, aluminum, antibiotics, and other ingredients which promote the vaccine's effectiveness. All these substances are unnatural, synthetic, and immune suppressing, and some are even carcinogenic.

Here are a few links

(this link has a more positive note about the vaccination)

This link has a sad story about the vaccination

About the hepatitus vaccination, it seems the main way the disease is passed around is through a mother who is infected giving it to her kid at birth, and through infected needles or sex with someone who has the sickness. In light of that, you should ask yourself how necessary is it for my kid to get this vaccination? What are his chances of coming in contact with the disease? Probably very slim if none, and make your decision based on that.

Also try these links for more information on vaccinations:

Take care!!


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